Wow, so awhile ago now, I met Brandon, he was a friend of a friend, yeah that old story. Anyway we started hanging out, and having a beer every now then, which sounds a lot like dating, but I guess thats how it goes when your making friends in dare I say adult life.
Brandon, and again not talking about myself in the third person which is probably confusing because in many blogs I do. He wanted some shots because he wanted to try his hand in acting and modeling, and maybe he just wanted to get away from the wife and kids for a while. Whatever the case I was happy to have someone who wanted to get in front of the lens while I try some new ideas. The shot with the background with holes in, was a found opportunity, as we were looking for a plain concrete wall and found that the light coming through the rolling garage door looked pretty cool. I love a found photo, because you can plan and think out your shots to no end before the shoot, but a found shot, where you just have to make it work around the opportunity, often makes a great photo, because working a situation that you weren't prepared for is what its all about.