getting mauied in Hawaii

Been away in Hawaii for a while. Apparently 2 years was the limit on my wonderfully long engagement, I was hoping of stretching it out for a decade or so, but it was not meant to be. So on Jan 12th Karyn and I got married in Maui.
From the beginning we said we would have the wedding outside, we found this great venue, booked it, and the rest kinda went from there. The big issue on our minds was what to do if it rained, I would joke with her, its going to rain, but we will still have fun, or if it rains we will dance in the rain, it sounded very romantic.
Until we woke up on the 12th and it was pissing down outside, which subsequently caused all hell to break lose inside. I was sent to investigate the venue, and after much deliberation we decided to stay the course, with the optimistic idea that maybe the rain couldn't go all night.
It pretty much rained all night, aside from a few brief moments. What was even more surprising was that we did just what we said, we danced in the rain, we had a wonderful time, and it was without sounding to girly about the whole thing very romantic.
I dont have pictures of any of this, I wasnt allowed my camera at the wedding, and we hired a photographer on Maui named Natalie Brown, and I dont envy her working for me. Although I have not seen what seen what she got Im sure she did a great job.
But due to all the rain, by the end of the night we were rather dirty, and the bottom of Karyn dress looked like someone dunked it in coffee, which was a good thing. I wanted to do a trash the dress, she wasnt so sure, fate made it an easy decision.
I threw all my gear in the back of our yellow jeep rental along with her dress, and set out to find a hidden beach. One of the coolest parts of Maui is along the main roads there are all these little unmarked dirt roads leading to little beaches. So we drove along and pulled off at one of them, she threw on the dress and with some assisting from my cousin (thanks Lisee) pulled off a pretty cool shoot while the cars passing by on the main road must have been pretty confused.
So these are the first shots I took of Cookie as my wife, I think youll agree they are pretty great....and shes not bad either.