Death from Above

Ive had my head down the last few weeks, straight down to be exact, like a bombardier in a WWII movie of your choosing. Working on a collection of images shot from birds eye view, for what I hope will be an interesting composite. Or in other words something I think will look cool.
The shot above, was created using two strobes, a shoot through umbrella camera left and a honl 8' travel softbox on the right. The honl softbox is pretty lightly used piece of gear in my kit. I thought I would love it. I dont. Its better than a bare speedlight but its supposed to be a round soft light, but in reality its a kinda cats eye, which you can squeeze to make round, and release, cats eye again, its a funny shaped light. Secondly, its not really soft, its not soft at all, it behaves more like a loose snoot with a bit of diffusion fabric on the end, its squeezes the light, and then spreads which is probably not what happens if it was round. Thirdly I used it here, and it worked as a bit of directional fill.
Also on a interesting non photography side of things, my post about BNI a months back, is getting a fair amount of traffic and a few commenters, my rants are reaching beyond the photo world, who knew.