Ranger Quadra Review and pics

Ive been in the market for a new light kit for while now. But due to the variety available and price I could never really pick a direction I wanted to go in. Alien Bees, have it cornered in watt second to dollars, but you cant get parts from anywhere but the manufacturer, so that made it impossible. I demoed a set of profoto D1s which had nice light, but a funny 77 degree built in reflector that just didnt make sense to me. So I started looking at Elinchrom, and found the Ranger Quadra, they are small, have LED modeling lights, battery powered, built in radio trigger with power control. So I rented a set of the A heads. And by now I should now better about renting things, check them out at the rental place, take out all the lights plug them all in make sure everything is there, and make sure it works. Well I checked that everything was there. It was indeed all there. Later I found out one of the cables that was there might as well not have been, there was a nic in it covered with electrical tape. So now I got two lights, and one cable, so Im shooting one light, which is allright bc thats how I normally roll, but if I had a second light, Id use it.
Took some shots on the city fringe, building in the light with the ambient that I was quickly losing. Shoulda brought a assistant, very windy, a umbrella or box wasn't happening, so lights were bare with frosted plastic covers that dual purpose diffuse light or protect the flash tube in transport.

The next day I was planning a dual purpose lifestyle/engagement shoot at a farm on the mornington peninsula. I tried the second cable again, it still didnt work, annoyance growing. Shot everything one light again, with a medium shoot through umbrella at the vineyard, and the rotalux deep octa 100 at the property. I set it up, started installing the inner baffle, and it was way too big, it flapped around like a spinnaker when there is no wind. It was clearly the inner baffle for an octabox, just not this one, I pulled it out and shot with front diffuser only.
The range on the radio was kinda hit or miss past 30 feet, and I plan on testing the range more throughly soon.
All in all a good kit, set up and broke down easily, but a couple unlucky events have made it a bit sour for me, but in truth thats on the rental house, not the lights.