Snapseed Review

Much like my quest for the perfect camera bag, I find my self searching for apps for my ipad. When I saw snapseed and it was five bucks I was intrigued what could it offer for that price, swimming in a sea of 2 dollar apps 5 stands out. however when I saw it was made by nik software my five dollars was as good as gone. I bought it and read the reviews while I waited for it to download, luckily the reviews mostly gave it the thumbs up. However it wasn't a minute and I was enthralled by the clever interface and how logical and easy making image adjustments can be. The app really pushes the limits of the ipad capabilities, and amazes me at overturn. It allows for selective adjustment, using a very similar dropped point system seen in their full featured computer software. I never thought that I would be able to use the ipad for anything more than hipsta-gram (hipstamatic and instagram) type images. I find myself looking for reasons to use it to edit photos over my computer.
Both images were edited using snapseed.