Waiting on a Train

There is a lot of stuff coming up, but sadly not a lot of pictures to post. Ive been working on my book a lot, with Sally Brownbill, who has been amazing and so helpful, and Mel T, from Melt studios who has done an amazing job retouching and editing my stuff, and hopefully over the weekend Ill have Karyn get all laid out and then posted up here soon.
T-shirts, we are releasing limited edition T-shirt prints which will be signed and numbered, we are currently working with the manufacturer and Ill be posting some images of the art work we are using for the shirts, and the samples as we get them.
Pictures, well the other day, thanks to the Melbourne train system, which runs consistently behind schedule, I was stranded at the station in the cold with my tiny G12 camera and an ipad, for a meeting I was most certainly going to be late getting to, in the cold, in sandals, but I guess that last part was my fault.
So I pulled out my camera and took some shots while the sun was setting, and edited them while I rode the train into the city on my ipad using a great app Snapseed, which I talked about in the previous post. However the more I use it, the more I like it, once you get past the amusing filter hipstamaticish filters, there is actually a very powerful, and controllable system, if you have an ipad I highly recommend you check it out.