Obsessed with Infographics

I am the other half of Brandon Rossen Creative and dont normally do any of the blogging but wanted to share some of our design projects. Over the last couple of months, we have been trying to take the time, in between client work, to work on our own creative projects and ideas. Here are 2 recent ones we have created.

Obama's News Feed: pretend facebook newsfeeed for President Obama

This was designed before facebook went through its recent design upgrade!
With the development and popularity of social media the way we receive our news today is vastly different to 10 years ago when we relied more heavily on traditional forms of media such as newspapers or television. To play on this development we decided to create a fictional Facebook account for President Obama and to depict various news stories within the playful news feed.

These events/stories are presented as the various elements that typically appear in one's Facebook news feed: status updates, friend requests, event attendance, relationship status, places etc

In no particular the current events that we included:

- Strained US and China relations: China is the largest foreign holder of U.S. debt.
- The need for bipartisan support to avert a federal government shut down.
- Unrest in the Middle East: recent uprisings and violence in Libya and Syria.

- The Palestinian Authority's attempt to gain statehood through the UN
- 2012 election campaigning

To keep the project light we added some fun elements such as the Australian Prime Minister's friend request, George Bush's comment that he left a board game at the White House and Donald Trump's request for Obama's birth certificate.

Infographic on how creatives spend their time online

This is a fun infographic about how creative people spend their time online and how the boundaries between work and play are blurred. We are big into infographics as an effective and interesting way to communicate complicated stories and data.

Hope to show you some more new ones we are working on soon....

In other news we are now looking at moving into a new studio space and releasing our new and exciting branding...details to be released soon