Why I cant work at a office

There are quite a few reasons why Im not good in an office, I like to come and go as I please, I enjoy a casual dress code, and I pretty much wear sandals everywhere, with the exception of the gym and shower. But thats not the reason for this post, because the other day I saw a fish, a rainbow trout actually and it was a beautiful fish, so I brought him home, and I was thinking of photographing him and how I was going to light him and then from across the room Karyns scanner jittered to life, squeaking and humming before reverting to its normally silent state.
This gave me an idea, now call it divine intervention, or call it coincidence, but Karyn wasnt home to protest what I was about to do at her desk on her combo printer/scanner.
So I closed up all the blinds, and grabbed a black board from the studio to block out as much light as possible, and I put that fish on the scanner, which surprising can scan at resolution of 1600 DPI, if you dont know what that means, its a lot, a normal printed photo is around 300 DPI. I am still working on cleaning the shot up a bit but due to the scanners very limited depth of field you get some nice dreamy boca that I think looks like the fish is swimming is some mysterious black pool, but no its carefully laid on my partners scanner.
Also Speaking of partners Karyn who will start guest writing on here shortly will be blogging and showcasing some of our new design work, and gripes related to completing them.