Saba drops by the Studio

I've been trying to get Saba to let me photograph him for a while, practically from the moment I met him. For starters he's got great skin, with an Italian, and Jordanian background, he tans well, like perfectly. Put that with his ruggedly stubbled jaw line, and lets be real, amazing dress sense, and he makes my job so much easier. So when I touched base with him last week and he wanted to come in to the new studio, I was stoked. I wanted to try some styles that I dont get to do very often, male fashion. The idea I had was to get a really good shot for lets say a high end watch, or cologne ad.
I had been caught up moving in and completely redoing my website to a Livebooks Scaler site, which to be honest was much easier than I imagined. I really liked my old Livebooks site, but their new scaler (responsive) sites are really amazing. I've got big things plans, well just videos actually, but it should be amazing. But start to finish I completely re-did my site in about a week. Which is practically a day.
So I pulled out the new BXRi 500's, the mini deep octa, and mini soft beauty dish, and decided to keep it super simple and really let Saba fill the frame. All shots were with the mini dish for the key light, and some had the deep octa for just a touch of fill. Also a little behind the scenes shot of the set up with mini dish with diffusion sock, and I think with the gold reflector.
I think I dig the ones with the black background over the white, maybe because that's just the way my style has been leading me recently, but I forget who said it "if you want something to look interesting only light part of it" but I would agree.