PXL review

While I was home sick last week with a bit of a head cold, I spent some time playing with an app I downloaded but never messed with.
PXL a photo editing app, while sometimes being a bit clunky and sort of daunting in terms of control, is actually a nice breath of fresh air, at least temporarily before hundreds of thousands of PXL images start turning up everywhere. It turns photos into interesting if not abstract images with a high level of user control over the outcome, once you figure out how the app works.
It does lack some critical functionality, mainly in a rather low export resolution(the developers say this is being worked on), and a strange distortion when importing photos to the app that are non native size, e.g. if you import a square image from say hipstamatic, it turns it into a rectangular photo, which is kind of annoying.
All in all it is definitely worth the two clams they are charging for it, plus its universal so you get it on your iphone and ipad, which if you ask this guy every app should be, but since they all are not, I give credit to the developers that do so.
It is a clever app, and it most certainly is something new in the realm of photography apps that simply apply a filter to an image. It also has a great knack for turning photos that are out of focus, into something much more interesting. I expect we will start seeing these more and more, especially if the developers update it often (hint hint) and allow high rez export. So pull out the iphone of ipad and make something different right now, and ensure you were one of the few who were PXLing before it was cool.