New website....again

After several years with Livebooks and after waiting and waiting for them to make a change I have given up and decided to leave them and create a site on squarespace.  I decided to leave Livebooks for a couple reasons, as all in all I had a very positive experience with them, but, they are sticking with Flash.  

For me I just got tired of coming up with lame excuses to clients complaining that my website failed to load, loaded improperly, or frankly just took forever, plus the mobile site that livebooks offers in my opinion is unacceptable, you can see my site using an iPhone or iPad but it pretty much looks like hell, its not a good image for anyone.  I had hoped that Livebooks was working on some sort of transition to HTML but alas it doesn't appear to be so.

So far my squarespace site has been a bit of a learning curve it is certainly more customizable that my live books site, and when you view it on an idevice it just looks great, this is something that has really impressed me, as more and more of my sire visitors are using devices other than computers I no longer find myself writing emails telling people please check out my website it looks best when viewed on a computer.  I think I used to tell people that the big screen would help them appreciate my images which is probably true, but it also sounds pretty bush league.  If you are one of the people I told that too, my bad, really, my bad, Im sorry, Apple and Flash don't get along and Im sorry for bringing you right in the middle of it.  Apple and Flash both love you very much, but Flash is moving out for awhile....